Tuesday, September 30, 2008

last couple of days

the ruined frame // rick weaver

1/2 of all over the where // reid bingham

i got my site up this week (thanks to someone really awesome), and i'll be trying to make adjustments daily, or at least as frequently as possible. this upcoming month will be crrrazzyyy!

update on that squirrel, he's passed on, and i've nestled him among trees.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

9.27.08 - 10:30 AM-12 PM.

last night i went and saw the NJ premiere of Idiots and Angels, which was a fantastic animation drawn frame by frame by Bill Plympton, who was also there. The storyline: "This asshole guy wakes up one morning with wings and he doesn't like it! Because he wings make him do good deeds. It's man vs. wings!"..."Angel is selfish and abusive, spending his days hanging out at his local bar berating the other patrons. One day he mysteriously wakes up with a pair of wings stuck on his back which make him perform good deeds, contrary to his nature. As he desperately tries to rid himself of these lofty appendages, he finds himself fighting those who view the wings as their own ticket to fame and fortune."
it's a really great film, it's basically a silent film with music from Tom Waits and Pink Martini. it's an hour and 8 minutes, and the style of the animations are just as gritty as its' content. It's really beautifully done, and there are cameos from "Guide Dog" which was clever. Apparently he drew a lot of it in a bar, and there's definitely a divebar feel to the movie. Definitely go see it.

after the movie, i bought a dvd collection of his newer material, which he signed, and told me to "drink a beer with this." and he also was kind enough to draw me the angel from the film.

this morning, i wake up to go home and i see a car bumper to bumper with mine, obviously unable to parallel park, but also dumb enough to scratch my car and leave their car on my bumper.

i come home and go to walk up the stairs, where this little guy scares the crap out of me. i think he is dying.. he's very still. but we stare at each other for a while, and then i circle around him, and he runs underneath my car, where he remains.

i come inside, and see this in the kitchen. my mom bakes bread pretty daily, and she's also pretty experimental so there is usually a new kind of bread sitting on my table everyday. the red stuff coming out of one of the loaves is strawberry preserves. they taste amazing and smell amazing too.

i went outside to check on the little guy an hour later, he's still underneath my car, but has turned. and i hope he isn't actually dying and is just taking a breather. but i'll check on him later.

sorry, if these explanations were long, at least if you read them haha.


highland park, hub city.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


north bergen, east rutherford, secaucus, 78e, 78w, 1&9 n&s, turnpike, hub city, jersey city, and other places i can't remember. best day of work ever.

9.24.08 continued.


Monday, September 22, 2008


cypress, texas

the first house i ever lived in.

tv on the radio - dear science

tv on the radio's new album is coming out tomorrow.
i've been listening to some of the leaked songs.

you can listen to some songs here:

don't know how to feel about it. it's different. any opinions??
semi-disco-like, pop dance? retro? i dunno, kinda feels like it's missing the grit and intensity of their usual sound. still trying to feel it..
update - on second listen, it's thankfully, a pretty good album :)

i just blew my mind.

whitestone, ny.
<--where i went to kindergarten.

<--where i lived ages 4ish-9ish... only it didn't look like that before..