Wednesday, March 12, 2008


to give me your lists! your notes! your scribbles! your doodles! your old grocery list! your to-do lists! your random scraps of paper that you absentmindedly or intentionally marked!!

y'know those random lists and notes you write on various pieces of paper or napkins or edges of your homework? You know how you usually throw them away? well PLEASE DON'T! PLEASE GIVE THEM TO ME! I WANT THEM! I NEED THEM!

i am working on another side project THAT INVOLVES LISTS, NOTES, ETC.

if you are from anywhere in the world, if i know you, if i don't know you, or know you through a friend of a friend, a friend of a friend of a friend, please give me those random scribblings that you don't want anymore! i want to immortalize them or give them a new niche in life!

and even more, i will credit everyone that contributes as long as you want to be publicly acknowledged!

just send me a line and we can figure out a way that i can have them at penjark[at]