Tuesday, August 28, 2007

oh yeah :D


some more pics of us i found on the village voice and moma, hollaaa!

oh, and something a little confounding - i've been reading a lot of music reviews, and i have to wonder, why is the introduction to all bands always written in this formula :
"kind of sounds like a cross of BAND A meets BAND B with a splash of BAND C and a dash of BAND D if they had a bad hair day"?

cuz it usually doesn't sound like it anyway. and i don't even really understand what that means. :\

bump bump bump

some stuff i made last month:

my left arm has been twitching for the past two days.
bump bump bump.

back from costa rica, still have much to do,
went camping with the ol' boy :) - so proud of us for being wilderness folk.. haha.
chili~bacon~awesome sauce~musica

i will write in this more -

made dinner with alex and jacki, and hung out with awesome people,
tomorrow will be just as awesome


and i made a scarf in less than a day, my first with tassles!!!!

tomorrow = d.c.

travel more, whine less, eat better, move around, clean life, love frequently.

ahh, and i just bought my bro a 2 g memory card, and bought myself a canon powershot 1000 :D
one of my most guilt ridden actions.

knit, stitch, stop motion, silent films -> in my brain.