Friday, June 1, 2007

nueva entrada

in case any of you crackers are reading this, i´m in costa rica, and i´m kicking ass.

i´ve wandered from the poas volcano, to the museo de arte y diseño, to puerto limon, to getting chased by a pack of dogs, going to a bribri conservation, planning to go to pañama, and cannot even describe everything that´s happened right now, nor stuff that´ll happen in the next 5 weeks or whatever. it has ony been one week so far. whoop!

in other news, i will be posting pics up, and will be teaching 7th and 8th graders in social science, english, and music, AAAAAAAND i want to steal every costa rican child and raise them because i love them and wish i was here longer.

i will be curating an art gallery between classes, teaching, traveling, and messing around.

i love everyone here except the rastas that try to grab me, and the woman allowing me on the internet for half an hour that made me stay on for another half hour for 800 colones because i went over 2 minutes, and the fact that making phone calls is a difficult task and because it´s going to be hard to try to find time to go to pañama and the bribri reservation because it´ll only be me and mike for both trips, and me, mike, and lynn for the bribris.

i am also extremely fearing the dengue fever, so i´ll probably end up getting it, so i pray that i won´t, i love the music here and the crazy fucking people, and my pseudo-adopted dog that i named affectionately, chita. i love the language, the food, the people, and the freaking heat that makes me feel as though i´m in a constant sauna, and will lovingly give me the clearest skin in the entire world aside from going to the dead sea.

oh yeah, i´ve gotten enough hisses, chinitas, and chinas than i can count, and cigarettes here are $1 and you can buy loosies. and on that note, amor, paz, and motherfucking ruckus and i love you all.